Fire Your PR Firm and Brand it Yourself

by francine Hardaway on August 11, 2008

  This is the panel I proposed for SXSW in March, and it made the cut into the interactive panel picker, along with 1200 other lucky ideas. But to actually SEE this panel, you have to vote for it, and hopefully make a comment :-)

Go here, and set up a quick account (free) so you can vote, whether you plan to attend or not.

    Business / Entrepreneurial 
    Francine Hardaway,  Stealthmode Partners 
Social Media Club interim board members will give advice and anecdotes
about how PR and branding have changed because of social media and how,
as an entrepreneur, you sre empowered. You can now market your own
product or company better than any PR firm. And you should. This is for
technical people, to teach them the DIY of social media as a branding
tool. You would be surprised how many engineers don’t know this.





            francine hardaway


            3 days, 7 hours ago   



I owned an agency for 17 years and know PLENTY about best and worst
practices of agencies. I will appear with other social media experts to
talk about the issues involved in branding that can and cannot be
addressed by traditional PR.


        Bobby Dee      



            3 days, 7 hours ago   



    Francine tells it like it is! Don’t miss her…..BobD,Phx 


            Howard Greenstein


            3 days, 7 hours ago   



I’d fire Franacine’s PR Firm in a second…wait a minute. Seriously,
this is going to be an excellent discussion with some very sharp people
about a topic that’s quite relevant. I hope to attend and learn more
about the practices these pros are using.


            John Morton


            3 days, 7 hours ago   



    Looking forward to it. 


            Ellen Leanse


            3 days, 3 hours ago   



Francine, as you well know, social media gives businesses and the
people in them huge power to create, manage and evolve their brands
real-time with an engaged and targeted community. Glad you’re taking
this on and hope you’ll let me know if I can offer any perspectives or
experiences. Cheers, e.


            Lee Odden


            3 days, 3 hours ago   



As a PR firm owner I hate to agree but social media does indeed empower
execs to get press on their own. Still, I think they’ll get more with
the help of a social media PR consultant and certainly by attending
this panel.


            Steve Swedler


            3 days ago   



    Video Email? ;) Looking forward to this one 


        Mike Hawksworth      



            2 days, 23 hours ago   



I fired Francine because she did make me self sufficient! :-) We are
all missing out on hugh opportunties by not listening to this lady and
taking advantage of the social media available. My high school graduate
daughter interned at my company this summer and we were amazed at what
she could do. We now loose her as she goes off to college.


            Justin Crossman


            2 days, 22 hours ago   



    A master in her field, this opportunity should not be missed! 


        mike connolly      



            2 days, 18 hours ago   



Francine is a practical visionary and has been promoting social media
for quite sometime. This session will show more people how they can
help themselves instead of having others do things for them.


        mike connolly      



            2 days, 18 hours ago   



    last time i forgot to vote.   


            Sylvia Paull


            2 days, 3 hours ago   



As a PR professional, I think Francine’s is the right strategy. All a
PR firm can do is communicate a company’s mission and brand, but each
company needs to build those elements itself or it probably won’t


        mark klein      



            1 day, 22 hours ago   



Francine Hardaway is top authority on what entrepeneur’s need to do to
build their business both online and offline.Social Media opportunities
are something all business people need to quickly learn to take
advantage of on their own without relying on agencies to do the work
for them.


            Dan Hill


            2 hours, 53 minutes ago   



    Looking forward to it, Francine 


            Roxanne Darling


            2 hours, 38 minutes ago   



    I agree – the opportunities are outstanding for solopreneurs, small biz, large biz, and even employees within companies. 


            Aaron Strout


            4 minutes ago   



    Can’t wait to see it! 


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Kim Haynes August 11, 2008 at 2:38 pm

Voted. Go Francine!

Kim Haynes
on Twitter as kimhaynes

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