Hillary Get Out (From a Feminist)

by francine Hardaway on March 11, 2008

In which Queen of Spain and I urge Hillary to get out because she’s not a woman and doesn’t bring the specific skill sets of a woman to the job.

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@marlaerwin March 11, 2008 at 10:48 am

Thanks for the feminist-centered rant. Nice antidote for my Ferraro-induced nausea.

I would add this: In baseball there’s the dreaded “asterisk stat” — meaning that the record for most home runs per season, say, is not a genuine achievement because seasons used to be shorter or stadiums smaller. Do we really want our first woman president to be someone’s wife, daughter, or sister, always noted in history with that unspoken qualifier (“* would never have been elected Senator, much less President, if not married to Bill Clinton”)?

That asterisk would set feminism — the idea that a woman can achieve greatness without the help of a man — back half a century, undermining everything that the “elect-a-woman-at-all-costs” voters think they’re fighting for.

Jack Kessler March 12, 2008 at 4:44 pm

That is all pretty funny considering the parallel knock on Obama, that he’s not really Black. He is the descendant not of slaves but of a rich Kenyan foreign exchange student. His stepfather was a wealthy Muslim Indonesian businessman. How he must have suffered from the indignities of racism growing up recognized as the Best and Brightest and Richest, first in Indonesia, then in a wealthy Chicago suburb. The wrenching sorrow of it all! And we all know how badly successful young graduates of Harvard Law are treated. The indignities of being elected to the Illinois state legislature, the House of Representatives, and the US Senate have surely given him a deep empathy for the poor and downtrodden of the earth. (It’s a Black Thing — you wouldn’t understand.)

When Hillary went from her wealthy Chicago suburb and Wellesley College to work as an organizer in the slums of Chicago, she was there to Bear the White Woman’s Burden. When Obama went from his wealthy Chicago suburb and Harvard to work as an organizer in the slums of Chicago, what color Man’s Burden was HE Bearing? Yellow? Red? Want a third guess? (What the hell were they organizing anyway? When I was there in the late ’60’s the South Side of Chicago was plenty organized — by the Daly Machine and the Blackstone Rangers crime syndicate.)

The leftists of San Francisco got a rude shock a number of years ago. They worked hard to elect former Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown, because he was ‘A Black Man’. They were furious and betrayed when they discovered a few months into his term in office that he was not ‘A Black Man’, whatever that meant to them, but a liberal Democrat. Just like the White mayors before and after him. There is far less that is Black about Obama than about Willie Brown.

The White liberals supporting Obama are in for an even ruder shock when he has been in office for a few months if he is so foolish as to try to reach the promised accommodation with the Republicans.

How much are the liberals willing to concede for Obama’s ounce of melanin? Will we concede the rescission of the 2003 tax breaks for the rich? Give up the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq? Forget about the re-imposition of CAFE standards on gas mileage of new cars? Do without subprime mortgage reforms that benefit the borrowers and not just the banks? Will we concede these things in return for having a president who looks credible dancing the boogaloo?

It is clear what we will get if Hillary is elected instead. She has vowed to fight the Republicans. Which means that we will have gridlock rather than Obama’s spineless concessions contrary to the national interest. Pick your poison.

Contrary to the claims of Francine Hardaway and her accomplice the Queen of Spain, though Obama is not Black, Hillary really is a woman. Her election will mean that federal appointments will no longer be limited to wealthy Eastern Establishment white men. Wealthy Eastern Establishment white women will be appointed too.

francine hardaway March 12, 2008 at 4:54 pm

So are you saying it’s all bullshit? I think I can get behind that :-) And if an accommodation is made to Republicans, I can get behind that as well. I believe the two-party system is dramatically outmoded, as is the electoral college.

Megan March 16, 2008 at 11:42 am

I am young and pro-Hillary (just saying so because the matter of age was brought up). I agree that Hillary did attach herself to Bill in order to reach the top, but what else was a woman to do at this time?

You have some really good points. Why didn’t Hillary leave Bill? Should a strong-willed woman put up with a cheating husband? Why did he feel the need to cheat in the first place? But I think, like Haradaway, marriages are personal and we can’t understand the dynamics of one that is not our own. But, marriage has always been a huge part of the political race (even in Jackson’s time).

You might enjoy my post on Hillary.

francine hardaway March 16, 2008 at 12:46 pm

So here’s the deal. I’m older than Hillary. Although I married (several times), I never attached myself to a man to get to the top. You didn’t HAVE to do that. It was a choice, but it reveals opportunism and a certain ethical predisposition .

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