by francine Hardaway on March 10, 2008

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The greatest part of SXSW for me has been meeting the people I talk to all day on Twitter. I’ve met Queen of Spain, and Sheila Scarborough, Liz Strauss, New Media Jim and Jeff Jarvis. I’ve seen Shel Israel and Jason Falls and Shannon Clark. And more than I can remember (oops, Pistachio!).

But the climax (ahem) occurred this afternoon, when I met a nice guy in a purple shirt who turned out to be @geniune — someone I always thought was a girl! This is a great compliment to Jim (his real name), who is clearly a metrosexual and a very evolved dude. Or as he says, “a daddy guy.”

To me, this community is very real. It is ready for political action, for emotional support, for business relationships, for friendships — how is this different from “real life?”

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