Pat Sullivan

by francine Hardaway on November 8, 2007

Pat Sullivan of Jigsaw Health is talking about selling over the Internet at the Second Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference.  He is also on the board of one of our sponsors, Infusion Software, and he is just telling us that  he joined Infusion’s board because this is a company that knows how to sell over the Internet. Here’s Clate Mask, Infusion’s CEO, introducing Pat Sullivan. Photo2

He is also telling us that it’s important to do ONE THING WELL. Using Jigsaw Health as one example, and Google as another, he tells us about how Google has the entire Internet cached. He says Google’s model is "Do No Evil."  But who is the decider about what is evil? One guy.  Sergey Brin. He also tells us that his son Patrick decided that the one thing Jigsaw Health has as a star product is magnesium.

Now Pat is on to raising money, and tips about how to do it. He explodes the myth that VCs want to run your company. Then he explodes the myth that you will lose control of your company if you take investment. He owned 12% of ACT and 15% of SalesLogix when he sold them, but he still had control.

Do a road show. Build a sense of scarcity, practice on people who won’t invest, and don’t tell them too much. They will always ask, "who else are you talking to?" Don’t answer. They collude.Don’t answer questions about valuation, either.

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Linda VandeVrede November 9, 2007 at 11:45 am

One of the best and most hilarious presentations on VC tips I’ve heard/seen in a long time!

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