Off to Penang

by francine Hardaway on May 31, 2007

Sort of. Got up at 5 AM and flew from Phoenix to L.A. this morning, only to wait five hours for the next flight to Taipei and then on to Bangkok. Overnight in Bangkok and then on to Penang. It think it will be 48 hours between real beds. No problem, I always find long flights relaxing; they put me in a meditative mode, in which I can actually read books because there are no distractions. Airports are another story. Since my hip replacement, I get stopped every time. The guy at the gate yells for “female assist,” and sooner or later a woman comes over, feeling me up while she plies me with pleasantries, asking me first if I mind doing this in full view of everyone else, the making me stand there with my arms raised while she makes sure my bra is not (or does not contain) a weapon of mass destruction. There must be an easier way to do this –like a low dose scanner.

Maybe there will be distractions in the air this time, because I just installed Google Gears, and it synchronized 2000 feeds from my Reader. Does this mean I am being reincarnated as Scoble? Well, he’s the guy who mentioned that he was looking forward to his next long flight, and now so am I.

I’ve been playing with the light in my Vlog since I read the Strobist blog. The best light so far seems to be today, since I’m sitting on the floor of LAX lit from both flourescents and natural light. Notice that I have already “gone natural” in honor of this trip: didn’t blow dry my hair and am revealing my natural frizz.

I have already been told that if I want to go to Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia) I should be careful because there are reports of Muslim violence. I plan to go. When I was in India I slept on a crowded train about eighteen inches from a Muslim in full gear. Why go on a yoga retreat if you are going to live in fear.

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