Square’s New Service Can Make it or Break It

May 29, 2014

I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone figured out that lending to small business is a huge market. Of course the big banks already know this, but they are highly regulated and they have processes and procedures in place to make sure they make the fewest possible number of loans at the least possible […]

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Pushy, Bossy, Polarizing Woman: That’d Be Me

May 18, 2014

I am a pushy, bossy, polarizing woman. I grew up in New York City, and competed to get into Bronx High School of Science and college. That’s where I learned to be pushy. I kept on going until I had a Ph.D.   Besides being a professor, I’ve worked in advertising briefly, and started three […]

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Worn Out on Wearables

April 23, 2014

No wonder it’s rumored that Nike is getting out of the fitness hardware device business. I’d like to get out of it myself, but I’ve become addicted to the data that proves I’ve completed 10,000 steps a day and slept 8 hours, despite the fact that I don’t know what that means to my health […]

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The Incubator Bubble

April 14, 2014

There’s a bubble. It’s not in startups, or in valuations, but in pitch contests, challenges, and incubator/accelerators. In Arizona, we used to have two or three, and now we probably have more than two dozen. They have different conditions, rules, and metrics. Every week I get an email from some incubator or agency asking me […]

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Silicon Valley Only Looks Like a Man’s World

April 6, 2014

The NY Times article on the bro culture of Silicon Valley, celebrating the male engineers who “own the code,” should look below the surface of the people the article tries to portray. Underneath that testosterone-charged surface, much more is happening. I’ve been a woman in a man’s world for over 50 years. When I went […]

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My Hotel in New York

March 27, 2014

It’s time I told you a little about my hotel in New York, the one I can afford to stay in for a week at a time, even though no one pays for my trips. My hotel in New York is old. In fact, the elevators are so slow going up and down to my […]

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Pay For Write Essay

March 20, 2014

Because a pay for write essay reports ones mind-set and pay for write essay pay for write essay requirement, it acknowledges for pay for write essay the body and mind a pay for write essay present-day-day truth. Positive-thinking experts, including Louise Hay, Michael Beckwith, John Arthur Lewis, Catherine Consider, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and […]

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War After War, with the Same Outcome

March 12, 2014

We human beings never learn. I just finished a book by Mark Harris called “Five Came Back” about five famous Hollywood movie directors from the 40’s who left their lucrative private sector careers to enlist in the Army and Navy during World War !!. The five, John Huston, John Ford, WIlliam Wyler, George Stevens, and […]

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What Do All Those Steps Add Up To?

March 3, 2014

GERO from Gero on Vimeo. If you know me at all, you know that for the past year or so I’ve been working at the intersection of the quantified self, wearable technology and health care. I’ve bought and tried the Pebble, Fitbit, Jawbone, Google Glass, Misfit Shine, Nike Fuelband, and Basis Watch. I’ve used Moves, […]

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Tim Draper Re-invents the Business School

February 13, 2014

On stage with Tony Perkins to kick off this year’s Venture Summit Silicon Valley, Tim Draper welcomed a crowd of investors and entrepreneurs to his brand new Draper University, the home of a series of six-week programs to speed up the pace of disruptive innovation in Silicon Valley. Draper plans to disrupt entrepreneurship education.   […]

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