Got #Glass!

by francine Hardaway on June 25, 2013

#glass is adorable. Here are my very first impressions:
The unboxing experience is great. It’s packed like an Apple product, and it comes with comfort items like nose pieces and a pouch to carry it around in. It also has a simple wall plug, because its battery life is about 4 hours (if you don’t use it much).

When I put it on at first, it seemed uncomfortable, but I quickly got it adjusted for myself (I got mine in the mail, not from Google HQ) and started playing with it. And then I discovered I couldn’t connect it to the wifi.

I spent most of yesterday trying to be independent and writing to G+ about what to do. I even had a friend, +Steven Benjamin walk me through it. But by around 8:30 last night I still hadn’t gotten it connected, although I had taken several inadvertent photos of my computer (you have to aim #glass at a QR code on your phone or computer , and when it reads the QR code it connects you).

This morning I tried again, without much luck, and then I emailed Glass Support. Amazing response, within less than an hour I got a call back. Needless to say I was stunned, since Google isn’t known for its live tech support.

My Glass Guide walked me through a factory reset, a hard reset on the device after that, and then it connected. I got the feeling none of this was abnormal, so it’s clearly a developers’ tool and not a consumer product ready for prime time.

But, that being said, it’s amazing. I connected myself to the MyGlass site, and now I’m seeing the tweets and G+ posts of all my friends, in addition to seeing my own calendar and the temperature in Phoenix. I added FB and Twitter to the things I see, and I tried to send a tweet.

As yet, I can’t figure out how to originate one, although I know how to reply. I sent a reply to Richard Florida, just to see if I can do it.

I’m sure I will figure all this out when I get a chance to play with #glass more. I am going to wear it all afternoon through my day to see how quickly it will take photos and stuff. I know I still have to wake it up to take a photo, so I probably won’t be getting the cutest stuff my dogs do, but I’ll get more than I do now.

I knew I wanted this product. I love the form factor, because I am not looking down. BUT…I am also not distracted because I can easily not stare at the screen, and after a while it turns itself off anyway.

Such a happy girl today, and looking forward to more adventures

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