6 Secrets of Successful Aging

by francine Hardaway on August 6, 2012

Aging is something I never write about, but it is something that occupies my mind every day. As a blogger and a “transparent” social media influencer, I should have started to write about it long ago, but I couldn’t.

You see, I want to be in denial. I don’t want to age, don’t want to fade from the scene from cancer or dementia, or end up as a bag lady somewhere. I want to stick around and watch what happens after the iPad, after health care reform, after my grandsons grow up (the littlest ones). I want to be immortal.

We all do, I think– or at least those of us enamored with science and technology do. Some people my age seem to be tired of all the change and ready to sit back, but I am not. I can’t imagine wanting it all to end.

So what do I do about it? I study it, of course, even as I deny it.

1) the nutritionist. Last year I consulted a nutritionist who did food sensitivity tests on me. I did this because I began to have the common digestive complaints of aging. The nutritionist told me I was sensitive to all dairy products (except goat cheese) and to certain beans (kidney and Lima).
Now I avoid them. And I basically avoid wheat. I’ve lost twelve pounds and feel much better.

2) the exercise program. This post was actually inspired by Shaun at 10 Pilates Chiswick, from whom I have taken 2 classes this week. Shaun was interested in solving a balance problem I have had since my left hip was replaced and my piriformis with it. I happen to know that falls are an issue for aging people so I work on that all the time. Between Shaun, yoga, walking and the gym, I am constantly studying all my muscles and making sure I have the muscle mass I need.

3) the work. People ask why I give so much to the community and mentor so freely, or why I haven’t retired. Well, it’s because I have a good mind, and I want to keep it tuned, as well. So I never turn down an excuse to use it, as I never turn down an exercise program or good nutritional advice. each startup is a new problem to solve, and a win-win for me and the mentee.

4) sleep. I am the sleep queen. Everyone who knows me knows I leave parties soon after 9 PM even if they are awesome. I sleep 8 hours a night: the same 8 hour time slot. And yes, I drink at those parties. Moderately. All my life. Two glasses of wine.

5) the skin. I spend a ton of money on Obagi and on facials. No surgery, but everything non-invasive. And by the way, I started all of this when I was 30 (exercise, nutrition, sleep) and 40(skin).
So if you are younger than I, like all my friends are, this advice is for you.

6) the laughter. I can stop a room full of conversation with my laugh. People don’t laugh freely enough. At anything.

I am really lucky. I now know what pays off in the long haul (I am here) and I have finally worked up the courage to share. If this is helpful, pass it on.

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Rick Newell February 11, 2013 at 8:07 am

Francine, hope things are well, talked to Glenn Williamson over the weekend and he mentioned your name and he reads your blog, so I signed up and started to read also.
Lesley is a homeopathic/natural remedies person and has been for 40 years. She just started us on fermented foods, kim chee, saurkraut which she makes for the probiotics in the gut. Works great, as she says all dis ease starts in the gut.
Will continue to enjoy the blogs and take care, Rick.

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