Entrepreneurship as a Job

by francine Hardaway on January 5, 2012

If you don’t already know how, you had better learn how to write and how to code. And how to be an entrepreneur.

A  new article in MIT Technology Review tells you why:

new research is showing that advances in workplace automation are being deployed at a faster pace than ever, making it more difficult for workers to adapt and wreaking havoc on the middle class: the clerks, accountants, and production-line workers whose tasks can increasingly be mastered by software and robots

Years, ago, when I decided to major in English in college, my father dismissively told me I would be fit for nothing more than to sell shoes.  Well, a half century later, that’s one of the only things I haven’t done. Thank the Lord I can write. My communications skills have never been in higher demand, and they have built me a public brand. My other saving grace has been my knowledge of how to build businesses, with and without outside capital.

 Today’s information technologies, even as they may do short-term harm to some kinds of employees, are clearly a boon to entrepreneurs, who now have cheaper and more powerful tools at their disposal than at any other time in history

It’s amazing how many people in “the enterprise” can’t write clearly about their products, and it is equally amazing how many of them can’t see past the ends of their noses. This was brought home to me yesterday when I read about Kodak preparing for bankruptcy so it can raise money to turn itself around from the film business to the commercial printer business.

Really Kodak? And how is that working for you? From one dying technology to another?

I usually work with startups and entrepreneurs. But if you are in the enterprise and you are unsure about how to create and launch new products that customers need and want, I’d be happy to help. Sometimes I think the enterprise may need me more than my startups.

(h/t to Bill Gross of IdeaLab for putting me on to this MIT article).


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