Happy Thanksgiving: Food is Just Fuel

by francine Hardaway on November 19, 2011

As we enter the season of non-stop eating, I want you all to share my
misery. I have entered the domain of food science, another form of

What have I learned? After a long life of striving to get
asymptotically close to a good diet, I finally made myself totally
miserable by getting even closer.
In an effort to further fine-tune myself after giving up meat, pastry,
cigarettes, beer, whiskey, processed food and fast food, a long time ago
I went to a clinical nutritionist/pharmacist. He gave me a blood test
that cost about $500, was of course not paid for by insurance, and
revealed something new: food sensitivities. These are not allergies, but
just reactions to certain components in food that are not optimal.
Either the food itself has elements that are toxic to me, or the way it
is grown in the US does.
I hope you have already bought your organic, no-antibiotics, no
hormones, free-range turkey, because if you haven’t you are probably
eating a bird that has grown up on everything from steroids to lead,
present in its food or the stuff its food was grown in.
He informed me I should try not to eat: 1)grains, except rice 2) dairy
including yogurt 3) farmed fish ( it is fed grains) 4)sugar and fruits
that are sweet like bananas, 5) meat that isn’t grass-fed, 6) diet Coke,
6)root vegetables except beets. In addition there are supplements
involved, and they are all to be taken in a certain order. I now take
about seven vitamins and supplements before and after every meal to
assure that the meal is properly absorbed. I might as well just inject
myself and be done with it:-)
I have to eat the protein part of my meals first, and I have to start
the day with protein and end it with mainly fruits and veggies. So I
have switched from a coffee frappacino, which I loved, to a soy
cappacino, which is sort of drinkable, followed by an egg white. I feel
like a nut case.

Everything I like is bad for me, and on top of it, I am about to go out
to dinner. I go out to dinner almost EVERY night. From now on, I think I
will just drink my dinner. I clearly have too much information to eat
anything anymore.
On a cheerier note, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for continuing to read
this blog. I am blessed to be here, to be healthy, to have friends
like you and a family that grows larger every year. All those marriages?
They’ve produced the two daughters I talk about every day, five stepchildren to whom I am still close, and a raft of step-grandchildren I love besides Dashie, my grandson by birth. In addition,I have two boys produced by my former foster children, who are all taxpayers, even in this tough

And you can believe that this, too, shall pass.

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