The Wrath of the Social Customer

by francine Hardaway on March 7, 2010

Companies had better get out in front of the social customer. She is not without resources. When she gets angry, she’s tough.

Paypal, this means you and the ridiculous customer service survey you sent me this morning.

I am missing a $4000 check that was mailed from my Paypal account to my home on 2/11.  When it didn’t arrive in two weeks, I called. Your representative appeared to be looking up the answer to my question on a script, and didn’t give me an answer for a long time. Then he told me it would probably arrive in two more weeks, and to wait. He read me a sentence out of a procedures manual in broken English.

I waited. On March 5, I called again because the check still didn’t arrive. Your representative didn’t have a clue about what I was saying, seeming not be believe that my check didn’t arrive.  Like the first rep, he asked me to repeat my address, and we agreed that it was sent to the right address. It just didn’t get here. I asked him if he could check on how to stop it, because it was either lost or stolen before it got to me.

He seemed confused, and like the first representative, consulted his script. When he couldn’t find an answer, he put me on hold. Is it that difficult to see if a check has been cashed, and if now, to stop it and re-issue it by FedEx? That’s what I would have done if Paypal were MY company.

Let’s not talk about the numerous times I was on hold trying to get out of the automated systems to talk to someone. That happened on both calls.  Let’s not talk about how many times you have to repeat the same information to someone.

Let’s also not talk about the fact that Paypal says it has have live chat on its page for customer service, but the person does not seem to be live and seems only to be connected to the same FAQ.

Let’s talk instead about how your representative left me on hold and then dropped the call. That is the ultimate insult.

Now, two days later, with no resolution, Paypal is sending me a survey to find out how it did on its customer service?

Give me a break! The automated system triggers a response assuming the interaction is over. The person on the other end of the phone doesn’t call back, doesn’t email, doesn’t resolve the issue.

Paypal, you ask what you could have done better”  Been sympathetic and offered to stop the check and FedEx another. This is not a trivial amount of money, and in a “real bank” this would have happened. It’s bad enough that I can not easily get money out of my Paypal account. I didn’t ask to be paid by email in the first palce.

Paypal, you will be sorry you asked me to fill out this survey. You have automated an exchange that should not have been automated at this stage.

And a mad social customer is a powerful social customer. Please retweet:-)

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