Intel Alumni Urge Secretary Chu to Move Faster on Clean Energy

by francine Hardaway on October 14, 2009

I belong to the Intel Alumni Network, and although I couldn’t attend
this session on clean energy, I’m proud of the results. I have admired
Andy Grove since I worked at Intel, and here’s an example of true
leadership from him and other former Intel leaders that explains why
Intel has had such a long reign.This letter was sent to energy
Secretary Chu last week.

Dr. Steven Chu
Secretary of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave. S.W.
Washington D.C. 20585
Dear Secretary Chu:

The undersigned are part of a group of Intel Corporation alumni who
gathered recently to discuss a topic of great concern: the future of U.S.
energy policy We write to share some thoughts that came from our
discussions. We hope they
will be of interest to you.

First, we urge DOE to sound the alarm bell to make America aware – clearly
and unequivocally- of how rapidly other nations, particularly China, are
moving on clean energy. We know from our semiconductor industry experience
that international competition can be a very good thing. In the early
1980s, Japan raised the bar on chip quality. American companies had to
scramble to catch up. We did catch up, and we restored the competitiveness
of the industry. Today we see China racing ahead to deploy clean energy
solutions in solar, wind, electric vehicles, clean coal, and other
technologies. In the process, China is building world class companies that
will provide jobs and also become capable of exporting modern energy
technologies to others. Unless we move quickly and commit substantial
resources on a sustained basis, we risk becoming an energy also-ran, and
also risk developing a new dependency. Americans respond well to
competition, but we think too few are aware today of the challenges we face.

Second, we urge DOE to address the issue of scaling clean energy
manufacturing. As a nation, we are good innovators. Our research
universities are unparalleled and we have a venture capital infrastructure
that does a wonderful job of incubating new companies. Where we fall down,
however, is scaling those companies to become robust manufacturing
operations. Efforts such as DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing
Program and the Congressional proposals for a Clean Energy Deployment
Administration are steps in the right direction. By providing financing
assistance to clean energy industries , DOE can provide the power to
scale. Only scale will generate American jobs and American competitiveness.

Third, we suggest you look at whether the principle behind the recent “Cash
for Clunkers” program — providing incentives to retire the environmentally
inferior in exchange for cleaner, better solutions — could be applied to
take old power plants off line and replace them with renewable sources, or
more efficient fossil fuel plants equipped when ready with carbon capture
and storage. This would provide an economic stimulus and a permanent
improvement to our national carbon footprint. Thank you for
considering these ideas.

We, the undersigned , support the recommendations in this letter.

Andrew S. Grove
Former CEO
Intel Corporation

Michael R. Splinter
President and Chief Executive Officer
Applied Materials Inc.
John H. F. Miner
Managing Director
Pivotal Investments
John Doerr
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Michael Barton
M2Fuel, Inc.
Jack Busch
Managing Director
Busch International
James Cape
Director of Sponsor Development
Cleantech Open
Sheila Cardno
Wealth Advisor
LPL Financial
Mark Casey
Vice President
Broadcom Corporation
Joanne Chan
The 828 Group
Robert Chaplinsky
Founding Partner
Bridgescale PartnersJ
im Chapman
Sr. Advisor
MediaTek USA
Mary Ellen Clifford
Former Asst. Treasurer
Intel Corporation
Cecilia Colombetti
Senior Project Manager
Google Inc.
Ben Cooper
U.S.-China Business Development
William H. Davidow
Founding Partner
Mohr Davidow Ventures
Robert DeLine
Managing Director
Applied Materials
John E. Derrick
Tarun Dewan
Alexis Difirenzi-Swale
Intel Alumni Network
Leslie Dorosin
Former Group Controller
Intel Corporation
Jami Dover
Former Corporate Vice President
Intel Corporation
Sandra Duncan
San Jose, CA
Rob Enderle
Principal Analyst
Enderle Group
Elizabeth Flammini
EW Environmental Consulting
Karin Fletcher
Fletcher Associates
Daniel Francisco
The Francisco Group
Michael Geilhufe
Hans Geyer
Trident Microsystems
Henry Goh
Former Senior Manager
Intel CorporationPeter Green
Advent Solar, Inc.Patricia Haines
Intel Alumni Network
Kirk Hasserjian
Vice President, SunFab Factory Operations
Applied Materials Inc.
Howard High
Fluidigm Corporation
Michael A. Hopwood
Platte River Systems, Inc.
Owen Hurd
James Jarrett
Former Vice President
Intel Corporation
Suzanne Johnson
Sunrise Sustainable Resources Group
Aman Joshi
Director, Engineering
Sun Microsystems, Inc
Krishna KalidindiTim Keating
Vice President
Skyline Solar, Inc.
Eric Keosky-Smith
Shwaag, Inc.
John B. Kiely
Retired Engineering Manager
Intel Corp
Joseph C Krauskopf
Development Director
Cleantech Open
Dana Krelle
Managing Partner
Dennis Lenehan
Allen Lu
SEMI China
Ray Martin
Articmaster, Inc.
Stephen McKinnon
Former World Wide Dir. of Solution Sales Intel
Greg Mischou
Senior Partner
Woodside Capital Partners
Stephen Nachtsheim
Former Corporate Vice President
Intel Corporation
Mark W. Olson
Chief Marketing Officer
Vernostix, Inc.
Dorit Perry
Steering Committee
Intel Alumni Network
John Raftrey
Cleantech Open
 Srinivas K. Raman
Product Development Executive
Raju Reddy,CEO
Sierra Atlantic
Tom Rossi
Pivoteur Solutions
Amy Rubin
Vice President Corporate Marketing Omniture Inc.
Mark St John
Mathematics Teacher and Lecturer
Former Financial Controller, Intel
Bruce Schechter
Intel Alumni Network
Kuldip S. Sethi
Founder & CEO
SV Green Tech Corp
Rachel Sheinbein
Senior Associate
CMEA Capital
David J. Shield
Northern California Sales Manager
The Solar Company
Siva Sivaram
Twin Creeks Technologies
Edward So
Former Corporate Vice President
Intel Corporation
Mark Stevens
Sequoia CapitalMichael Sullivan
Vice President, Investor Relations
Applied Materials
Monie Wheatcroft TenBroeck
Steering Committee Member
Intel Alumni Network
 David Tennenhouse
New Venture Partners
Manuel Torres
General Manager
Dominical Ventures
Siu KeunTsang
Former Program Management Director
Brightscale Inc
.Peter Van Deventer
CEO & President,
SynapSense Corporation
Pamela J. Van Orden
Enlightened BrandAlbert Yu
Former Senior Vice President
Intel Corporation
Virginia Wright
Intel Alumni Network
Saul Zales
VP & GM, Corporate Business Development
Numonyx B.V.
Joe Zawadsky
Intel Alumni Network

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Intel Alumni Urge Secretary Chu to Move Faster on Clean Energy IM Consultant
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