TweetsforBoobs Raising $$ for Breast Cancer Awareness

by francine Hardaway on September 28, 2009

October is breast cancer awareness month and, which went live Friday September 25, is participating in the effort to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer. makes pledging money to the Susan G. Komen foundation effortless and public. When the hashtag #tweetsforboobs is used the site detects it, and a pledge of $1 is recorded for that Twitter account. Each person is responsible for donating their total amount pledged. At the end of the month donations will be collected through, which go directly to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Chase Granberry ( and Joshua Strebel ( wanted to use Twitter to help raise awareness for breast cancer during October. They started discussions with the Phoenix branch of the Susan G. Komen foundation in an effort to pull in sponsors who would simply match $1 per tweet with the hashtag #tweetsforboobs. The idea only came to them about three weeks before October and it was difficult to find sponsors willing and able to commit that quickly. About a week before October they decided to take another route and let people use Twitter to pledge donations during October. This way, no sponsor was needed, the strategy still used hashtags to raise awareness and there was no intermediary collecting donations. 

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teachdoc October 27, 2009 at 3:16 am

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