IPhone Hits its Stride with Target App

by francine Hardaway on December 5, 2008

Even if you hate Christmas and shopping and Target, you have to try the new Target app on the Iphone.Target400

This morning I rolled over in bed, grabbed my phone, and read my email.  On the way out of the email box, I saw I had to update apps in the App store, so I did that. Then I stopped by the Featured Apps and just checked to see if there was anything that wasn’t a game and could be useful. I find most of my Apps by reading feeds, not by hanging out at the App store.

There was the big Target bullseye, so I downloaded the app, which is a gift guide.  You put the sex and age of the person you are shopping for into the app, shake it, and full screen gifts appear in a blizzard of snow.  It’s like those old paperweights.

You then have an option to find a store, which told me that I’m within 10 miles of three different Target stores, order from Target.com, or save the gift to favorites.

With the exception of giving me driving directions to my nearest store, this app does everything I woud want it to do–and quickly, cleanly, and amusingly. To me, it’s a great replacement for a game.

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