Fathers and Sons

by francine Hardaway on June 26, 2008

In all the posturing and ranting around Web 2,0 and who is the best/worst puppet, Robert Scoble continues to march to his own drummer, taking his family with him on his life’s journey. This week he’s in Washington, D.C. with Patrick, who is fourteen, sharing with him all the experiences Robert has because of Scobleizer and FastCompany.tv. For Patrick, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime civics lesson.

This is what Robert says is the highlight of his week:

Patrick, my son, told the commissioner that if he tries to censor the Internet it’ll make him just want to seek it out even more. I shared with him how smart the kids are and how they will get around any blocks you try to put in place. Patrick told him he turned on all of his own parental controls just to see what they did on his Mac. He said they made his computer unusable. I love that Patrick was able to stick up for his ideas with the FCC Commissioner. Afterwards Patrick said to me “I hate it when people try to censor what I see.”

The rest of the Friendfeed thread is here. Patrick’s going to be great. Robert is investing the time and energy to make sure he’s that way.

Last night I was watching Larry King, and Luke Russert was on, part of a Rock the Vote panel. How Luke has turned out is exactly the way Patrick will turn out. Investing in children, almost a cliche, is the best use of time and resources.

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