Rocky, Scoble's producer, "protects" the first Tesla

by francine Hardaway on February 19, 2008

Everyone knows all about Robert Scoble, but really they don’t know much about Rocky. I happen to love him, so I took some time to find out about him. It turns out he’s really a geek too, and he made a mid-life career change into the more creative field of video production, just as it was morphing into the perfect place for geeks (because it was becoming digital). He has quite a home studio. I think equipment is his downfall.

He’s a warm-hearted, fun-loving guy who loves motorcycles and befriended me with his wife Shelley, who works for a biotech company. It’s so cool when I’m in Half Moon Bay; I’m surrounded by Scoble on the south and Rocky on the north (in Pacifica). Both fascinating men with wonderful wives (Maryam has more of a public presence than Shelley, but both are terrific).

So next time you see Rocky driving Scoble down the 280 or the 405, don’t just think of him as Scobleizer’s bodyguard.

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