My Leopard Story

by francine Hardaway on December 17, 2007

I raced out and installed Leopard when it first came out. Ever since I did that, my MacBook used to hang. Often when it did that, I’d follow the old Windoze philosophy of ‘When in doubt, re-boot.”

Well, this morning I received repayment for my trouble. The Apple Genius Bar at the Biltmore told me that the problem I had been having all weekend (machine wouldn’t boot past the logo and the turning gear), was a problem of a corrupted drive partition, and they would have to erase and re-format my drive. This would take five business days, and I don’t know how to do it myself. Also they think the drive itself might be corrupt. At first. the Genius told me it was probably a case of re-installing Leopard but I tried to do that all weekend and couldn’t get it to install from the disk.

Now the theory is that the drive got corrupted because every time I pressed the power button to turn it off, I apparently corrupted my paths to my data. One of those things I would never know about.

And I can’t buy a new MacBook right now, so soon before MacWorld. That would be stupid.

So, because I am out of warrantee, it will cost $300 to fix. And then I will buy a new machine in two months.

And I have no idea how well my backed up data will work. All my photos and songs are on a firewire drive, along with my old client files. Everything recent is on my iPhone, or on Googledocs, thank God, but I can’t even remember what software I had loaded on the MacBook, all of which has been erased, and none of which I back up because I only did data backups.

Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho.

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