Women Entrepreneurs

by francine Hardaway on November 8, 2007

  Women entrepreneurs 
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Shay Pausa is starting a TV media company directed at women.  Rochelle Balch has been in the computer business for 40 years, and now owns a staffing firm, and Teri Spencer started Ephibian, a software company.

Sacrifices women entrepreneurs have made?

Shay: "Fund your children’s therapy fund alongside their college fund."
Rochelle: "My daughter told her classmates that she couldn’t go to the school party because we were on a budget.
Francine: "One of my daughters still thinks I went bankrupt in the 80’s. I came too close.
Teri: "My staff is like my family.  And the man in my life is very supportive. Even though we work 12-15 hour days, it is all fun.  And that’s what your friends and family like about you?"

Teri." The intellectual interaction.  Away from the office I am bored to death."
Seeing the people who are actually using your system thrive. Solving a business problem for them.
Rochelle: "You are in control.  You set the tone. Flexibility."
Shay: "Everything in the world comes down to who is in control."

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