I Suck

by francine Hardaway on August 14, 2007

As a journalist. I went to the Demo Alumni Party tonight, armed with cell phone camera and good intentions. However, once I got into the room I realized I am too short to be a photographer for a big party, because I can’t see over the crowds to get the shots I want. I must have taken fifty photos of people walking in front of the person I wanted to photograph. And then I tried to remember the names of the people whose faces I actually got, because I forgot to bring a pen and paper with me. When I got home, I found the limits of my memory; got the company but not the name, got the name but not the spelling of the name, etc.

So if anyone wants an excuse to call a blogger inaccurate and unprofessional, you may choose me for tonight. I had a good time and saw a lot of new friends, but in no way is this journalism, or even gossip. It’s just my partial and slanted view of reality.

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