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by francine Hardaway on April 3, 2007

Technorati Top Searches

These are the new Technorati widgets. The one on top is the top searches, and the one below is the current most tagged list.

Technorati Top Tags

Just gives you an idea of what’s big in the blogosphere this week. It’s like trying to figure out what your teenager will be wearing, or what hair color I will have next. Look at the difference between what people are searching for and what they are tagging. The searches seem pretty random, but the tag cloud has interesting undertones.

These widgets are good for A-list bloggers who write about blogging.

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David Sifry April 3, 2007 at 7:56 am

Don’t forget the Authority widget as well! It gives you a live, real-time viwe into how many other bloggers are linking to you in the last 6 months…


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