I swear, I'm psychic. But

by francine Hardaway on January 5, 2005

I swear, I’m psychic. But I’m not psychic enough to save myself money. Or maybe I�m just not much for delayed gratification.

The day before Christmas, I went into Best Buy to get a new DVD/CD player ($79) for my home entertainment system and walked out with a 50″ Sony LCD monitor, otherwise known as a new HDTV.

Filled with buyer’s remorse over buying such an expensive toy, I set about trying to find a way to make my computer the driver for my TV, which might make the thing deductible.

Through a kludge of Monster cables and noise-cancelling head phones, with the help of my trusty partner Ed I can now watch DVDs or play music that’s on my Powerbook over my big screen TV. I can also read my email and browse the web in a very big way.

This morning I found out that what I’ve been trying to create by hand is going to be manufactured by a technology company. The Consumer Electronics Show starts today (in Vegas, which is the perfect place for it), and HP has announced a new line of media PCs that will do exactly what I want to have done — converge all my entertainment systems into one, using the HDTV as a monitor.

The only problem? I’m now on a Mac. When I do the inevitable � buy a new HP Media Center PC– will the platforms talk to each other? Even God doesn�t know.

This isn’t my first effort at convergence. Two years ago, I bought a universal receiver and installed structured wiring so I could control my TV, my stereo speakers, and my DVD/CD changer through a single system. Soon after that, I got the IPOD and found that it was just as fulfilling to listen to the IPOD with headphones, or to dock the IPOD in a good pair of JBL speakers, as to use my components. I ended up using that big system to listen to NPR around the house, and when I moved I put all the components in a closet, put speakers in the ceiling, and haven’t turned the system on for anything but playing Christmas carols (everything else is on the IPOD.)

My Powerbook is, of course, a Mac. My IPOD is configured to work with it, as well as with iTunes. However, the HP system will be Windoze, I’m sure, which means I will have to figure out how to transfer all my music to a format the PC can deal with. It just took me a year to get everything out of MusicMatch and into iTunes; now will I have to go back?

And my network? After installing all that wiring, it’s wireless — from the Vonage phones to the Airport router. This morning, I’m off to buy a wireless network adapter for the Tivo so he can get his information with out a land line.

It�s a good thing I have a sense of humor about all this money I�ve spent following technology through the years; if I hadn�t bought a thing, I�d be retired by now.

Two unrelated notes:

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