Gimme My Google Glass!

by francine Hardaway on April 27, 2013

I want Google Glass. I mean I want it now. I desperately tried to get Scoble to let me try his, but we couldn’t make the times work last weekend, and I missed my moment.

I’ve been following his adventures around the world with his new toy. I realize he got them because he’s a big evangelist/journalist and can influence tons of people. I also realize I’m not a developer or an influential.

Developers have these early versions. But they shouldn’t. Customers should. Developers have been known to solve problems that don’t exist, simply because they can. At this moment, Google Glass solves a problem that doesn’t exist, in the eyes of many people — people like Steve Gillmor and John C. Dvorak.

Glass needs to go to potential customers, and let us tell you what apps to build.

For example: I am a market segment that could and should adopt Glass en masse.

I am a senior with children in other cities and countries. Of course I’m healthy now, but not everyone my age is. After you hit a certain age, everyone is an accident waiting to happen. For years I’ve worn Fitbits, FuelBands, Jawbones, and Basis watches monitoring my own behavior. I eat vegan, go to the gym, and otherwise optimize myself for immortality. I’m not the norm. People my age are in assisted living.

Recently, I participated on a panel at SXSW on home health care. My comment was that remote monitoring wasn’t where it should be, because it didn’t produce enough actionable information. Just knowing how many steps I take in a day doesn’t give anyone information on how I am. My children and my physician will never need to know how many steps I took a day, or how effectively I slept.

The complaint most parents have about their adult children is “you never call me.” Their answer, “ I am busy.” The result?

“What mom? You’re in the hospital? What happened?”

But if I had Glass, I’d be able to show them what I am able to do, and also unable to do. If I fell, I could get help (I know, that’s the old LifeAlert commercial), and if I every had to explain what happened to a physician, I could. The apps that could and should be developed for Glass are remote patient monitoring apps. In that field, I can help define the requirements.

Dammit, gimme my Google Glass!!! I only want to help myself and others.

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