6 Secrets of Successful Aging

by francine Hardaway on June 27, 2012

Aging is something I never write about, but it is something that occupies my mind every day. As a blogger and a “transparent” social media influencer, I should have started to write about it long ago, but I couldn’t.

You see, I want to be in denial. I don’t want to age, don’t want to fade from the scene from cancer or dementia, or end up as a bag lady somewhere. I want to stick around and watch what happens after the iPad, after health care reform, after my grandsons grow up (the littlest ones). I want to be immortal.

We all do, I think– or at least those of us enamored with science and technology do. Some people my age seem to be tired of all the change and ready to sit back, but I am not. I can’t imagine wanting it all to end.

So what do I do about it? I study it, of course, even as I deny it.

1) the nutritionist. Last year I consulted a nutritionist who did food sensitivity tests on me. I did this because I began to have the common digestive complaints of aging. The nutritionist told me I was sensitive to all dairy products (except goat cheese) and to certain beans (kidney and Lima).
Now I avoid them. And I basically avoid wheat. I’ve lost twelve pounds and feel much better.

2) the exercise program. This post was actually inspired by Shaun at 10 Pilates Chiswick, from whom I have taken 2 classes this week. Shaun was interested in solving a balance problem I have had since my left hip was replaced and my piriformis with it. I happen to know that falls are an issue for aging people so I work on that all the time. Between Shaun, yoga, walking and the gym, I am constantly studying all my muscles and making sure I have the muscle mass I need.

3) the work. People ask why I give so much to the community and mentor so freely, or why I haven’t retired. Well, it’s because I have a good mind, and I want to keep it tuned, as well. So I never turn down an excuse to use it, as I never turn down an exercise program or good nutritional advice. each startup is a new problem to solve, and a win-win for me and the mentee.

4) sleep. I am the sleep queen. Everyone who knows me knows I leave parties soon after 9 PM even if they are awesome. I sleep 8 hours a night: the same 8 hour time slot. And yes, I drink at those parties. Moderately. All my life. Two glasses of wine.

5) the skin. I spend a ton of money on Obagi and on facials. No surgery, but everything non-invasive. And by the way, I started all of this when I was 30 (exercise, nutrition, sleep) and 40(skin).
So if you are younger than I, like all my friends are, this advice is for you.

6) the laughter. I can stop a room full of conversation with my laugh. People don’t laugh freely enough. At anything.

I am really lucky. I now know what pays off in the long haul (I am here) and I have finally worked up the courage to share. If this is helpful, pass it on.

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