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by francine Hardaway on September 22, 2011

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Danxian0305 October 22, 2011 at 1:44 am

        jingruiljh5 days, internet knows a personage gucci outletsLi Kaifu small gain alleges, on market of put up with a lot of making his name bugle call ” false book ” begin Gucci Backpackdimension advantageous position, first lawyer letter that is aimed at a press already was given out, future does not eliminate the possibility that sue. “A lot of books are not me write ” , li Kaifu puts forward to network bookshop at the same time, the search that must notice its go up shows a result. Gucci ClutchesNevertheless, give a book about using celebrity achievement collect articles into a volume or do for celebrity pass etc, still compare faintness in the definition in the press at present, whether tort requires specific condition specific judgement. And Li Kaifu is in accuse ” false book ” later, still do not forget to borrow Gucci Eveningmachine conduct propaganda an innovation workshop and the project that workshop joins, be weighed by industry laugh, li Kaifu very the way Gucci Hobosthat knows hype. Li Kaifu thought fors the time beingLi Kaifu complains on small gain, on the market a few dozens of books of a his name number mostly Gucci Shoulder Bagswithout its oneself witting or accredit, and these ” false book ” often had built in the search rank of network bookshop ” regular script ” . ” daily economy news ” according to clew, should become in city of book of network of domestic old brand inputted in the net ” Li Kaifu ” 3 words, appeared Gucci Top Handlesinformation of 184 relevant books, say according to Li Kaifu, truly former writer has 5 only for his book. Interesting is, below acquiescent sort, in 25 books that home page shows, of Li Kaifu ” regular script ” have 2 only, the others is other to wait for Li Kaifu’s achievement, opinion on public affairs place of collect articlesGucci Totes into a volume to do mostly, from ” duty field diary ” arrive ” life class of the youth ” , among them a the most expensive price 193 yuan, before sales gucci outletsvolume 5 ” Li Kaifu is relevant book ” also do not have to with him himself materiality concerns. Similar case sends city of submit a written statement to a higher authority gucci outlets storeof books net, 99 nets, Beijing in outstanding net, north east exist likewise in the website such as the store. Li Kaifu says to already was opposite ” false book ” begin dimension to counterpoise, first lawyer cases to be given out by Qiu Baichun of controller of Wu of innovation workshop law, do not eliminate the possibility gucci bags outletthat sequel sues. “False book ” or without final conclusionShanghai dictionary press edits room director Zhu Zhiling integratedly to express when accepting a reporter to interview, in current the press, what think about Li Kaifu ” involve party book to publish must party agrees ” reach ” composing is free, need not consent obtaining in advance ” the viewpoint of two kinds of polarity. The biography of movie and TV of celebrity often also is put in dispute, blur quite all the time. The beginning of the year, wu Xiaobo of writer of finance and economics composes because of its ” Wu Jinglian is passed ” and offend on lawsuit, the Liu Gong of anotherlouis vuitton outlet biographical writer that pays close attention to Wu Jinglian sues Wu Xiaobo writing to hard injury, screwy character waits, cause book group attention. Zhu Zhiling expresses, be aimed at above circumstance, can hope book-maker creation manner is decorous above all only; The 2nd, the press needs to understand creation process of the author, intervene ahead of schedule. But if involve a few sensitive information, it is clear that the press should seek advice to law Wu commonly. Imply hype intent? Additional somebody puts forward, is authority of Li Kaifu dimension implicit hype intent? Li Kaifu puts forward dimension to counterpoise with the name of innovation workshop, accuse on the net ” false book ” while, on a project that he chose innovation workshop to participate in investment one paragraph about ” the person that let do poineering work stresses mad law Wu issue ” interlocution, no matter be in,say equity allocation, brand / on the problem such as patent application, this project has professional lawyer group to offer solve. Subsequently, li Kaifu mentions innovation workshop again again, “Do poineering work in China, law Wu heavy burden should compare abroad great. This also is one of services of fundamental rise in value that innovation workshop provides. This also is one of services of fundamental rise in value that innovation workshop provides.. An industry public figure laughs say, “He always looks for a topic through a few not affect the whole bagatelle, the dot when measure is mixed holds well, li Kaifu very the way that knows hype. Li Kaifu very thelouis vuitton bags     way that knows hype.. (Article origin: Author of daily economy news: Village spring scenery)

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