Let the Presenter Show Your Product, not the PowerPoints

by francine Hardaway on May 3, 2010

<br />Watch live video from SF New Tech on Justin.tv

Collaborize presented at SFNewTech  last month, and because the CEO wasn't available, The Vice President and General Manager presented instead. His title sounds grim, but if you watch the video you will see that Colt, the VP/GM, turned out to be quite a good presenter to a room full of astute questioners.  Why? Because in his spare time he's a magician (see the big deck of cards).  That means he has worked in front of audiences, can think on his feet (answer questions easily), speaks with good performance energy, and is not at all dependent on the slides behind him (which really didn't even need to be there). As someone who grew up before Powerpoint, I admire people who can present and engage, work a room, and perhaps even entertain. Remember he isn't at a conference, he's in a night club, people have been drinking, and the lights are dim.

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