IPad Answers for Jason Calcanis

by francine Hardaway on April 7, 2010

Dear Jason,

I'll make this short, as you did. I've been carrying only the iPad around this week. Here are my answers to your questions.

Yes, It's revolutionary, but t's a messy revolution, especially the fingerprints on the screen and the way you can't see it outdoors.
Yes.The wi-fi sucks and has to be made better. I go in and out of almost every wi-fi connection.
No, the applications you used to use on the iPhone, and even the crippled browser, don't work well and look awful. Neither Twitter nor m.Twitter seems to work well on iPad, and I don't like Tweetdeck or Twitterific.  My worse problem isn't multi-tasking, or lack of USB; it's crippled Twitter.  Hurry Loic.
Yes, it's too expensive, and I will give it to my grandchild, not my nephew.
Yes, I will buy an Android tablet with a camera, better wi-fi, and an open platform as soon as it comes out, and ditch my own MacBook Air, because I probably don't need a laptop. Does Dropbox work with Android?.
Yes, I get at least ten hours of battery life, and I get about what you do on both the Air (<2.5 hours) and the iPhone (<1.5 hours), so I think something's up. Is it 3G, or GPS that eats all that battery life?
No, I don't miss Flash. Well, I missed it once when I wanted to watch a Viddler video of @garyvee's, but then a developer told me Viddler was way behind the times technologically

Yes, I love-hate Steve Jobs and always have, always will. I only love him because he points the way and then others can make the less expensive devices that work better even if they have crappy designs.
I mean, what if I don't always have the disposable income to blow it on toys? And yes, I will replace this iPad with the next generation, which I believe will have a camera.

No, I won't post a photo with this blog post, because it's too hard to do from the iPad. 
No, WordPress's app doen's make it any easier.

And yes, I've already paid too much for apps I don't need, although I have not bought IWork (yet).

Anything else you want to know? 

This may be gratuitous information, but I think of the iPad as a pet, not a tool or a toy, and I bought it a little quilted "house" to carry it around in, and a little purple bed to make sure it doesn't break. And I've changed my mind: I will upload a photo, so you can see how my formerly cluttered nightstand has changed.

BTW, I don't get your emails anymore.

Yours in observation without judgment,

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Hattie April 9, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Do I detect a hint of buyer's remorse? I am going to see an I-Pad in action on Saturday and will then be qualified to make my own judgements, but so far it sounds like a dog. A pet dog, maybe, but a dog nonetheless.

hardaway April 9, 2010 at 12:52 pm

No, the more I use it the more I like it. It involves some changes in work

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