Grandma Geek Gets an IPad

by francine Hardaway on April 4, 2010

I ain’t no Robert Scoble, sonny, so I waited for the snail mail to bring me my
IPad, which means my partner Ed, who had no plan to get one but happened to wake up early Saturday morning and run over to our neighborhood Apple store beat me to it.We spent the afternoon playing with our new toys, taking them in the sun, to a restaurant,, on the dog bed, everywhere. Then I took mine to bed, and in the middle of the night to the toidy.
And now I am on the sofa, where Scoble says he will use his iPad.

Here are my random thoughts:
1.yes, it is only a big version of the iPhone, for both good and ill
2. Only as good for video as your home wireless network (mine sucks, Cox)
3. Slower for blogging, but possible. I am almost using it as a QWERTY keyboard. I am not typing with my thumbs.
4. Hard to find ways to attach photos and make links if you blog by email.
5. Definitely missing camera and video
6.Definitely a bi-ig step off the desktop into the cloud (I won’t buy iWork).
7.NSFW especially in the enterprise, but not for people like Scoble either.
8. Makes me like my Air, which has more capability and weighs very little more
9. Great for reading, especially for and with kids.
10. Good for casual gaming.
On balance, not earth-shattering but futuristic and nice. From it, I learned I enjoy producing content way more than I like consuming it.

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