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by francine Hardaway on April 20, 2010

If anyone owns the cloud, it is Mark Benioff.

And yet, as recently as 2003, Benioff was begging Tony Perkins to let
him  come to the very first AlwaysOn conference. According to Tony,
Benioff showed up wearing  a button that read “No Software.”
Less than a decade later, he is the CEO of a  publicly traded company
with the clever ticker symbol (CRM). And this summer, he will
inaugurate what he refers to as Cloud2 when he deploys Salesforce’s
Chatter to his 75000 customers and millions of users.

At that first conference, this form of computing, Perkins remembers,
was referred to as utility computing. The nomenclature quickly morphed
to on demand computing, to software as a service, to collaboration as
a service. How quickly? Benioff points out the huge changes in the
world from Cloud One, the Bush era, to Cloud Two, which he likens to
the country electing Obama.

For enterprise software, Benioff claims, constant  change means
constantly reinventing yourself. We are now opening the door to a new
generation of computing and corporate executives are in danger of
being left behind.

In less than a decade, we have gone from Cloud One, which Benioff
defines as Amazon-centric, to. Cloud 2, defined by Facebook. And since
each shift brings on 10x more users, Cloud 2 will be an order of
magnitude bigger. Unlike the first uses for the internet, which were
about passive consumption from the desktop, the 3 big current use
cases for the Internet are now search, YouTube and Facebook.

Facebook has taught an entire generation what to expect from the
internet; Benioff asks ” why isn’t all enterprise software like

This incarnation of the internet is about feeds, push, touch screens,
smartphone/tablets, mobile computing, location awareness, and HTML5
rather than Mac or Windows. We are living in a desktopless world of
people, apps, and data freely collaborating from anywhere.

People apps and data talk to each other, and, our apps talk to each
other and to us. Computing has come alive:-)

And is now a complex, matrixed platform consisting of a
sakes cloud, service cloud, custom cloud, and chatter ( the
collaboration cloud).Benioff seems to worship Facebook, which he says
has trained the Internet how to collaborate. On his new Cloud 2 can follow peole, documents, data,and even apps that
aren’t Salesforce. On your Salesforce platform at work, you can now
see the real time stream of everything that is important And
you can drill down into underlying data.

Every record has an activity stream private to people working on the
deal.Benioff has made a big bet on the real time stream. As he points
out, “everybody is collaborating from wherever they are.”

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