Local VCs, Angel Investors Have Open Office Hours at Gangplank, Chandler, AZ

by francine Hardaway on March 25, 2010

The right advice in an incubator setting can be transformative to an entrepreneur. I see this every week as my friends at Stealthmode Partners and I hang out with entrepreneurs of all kinds and levels.   Monday night  it’s Tech Venture in Tempe, Tuesday night  its Growth Venture in Gilbert,  and Wednesday morning it’s New Venture at the West Mesa CDC Incubator. There’s something about the group setting that catalyzes ideas and even execution. People have told us we’ve changed their lives. That’s why we do it:-)

Now we’re going further in volunteering time and expertise (to the extent we have it). Gangplank in Chandler is opening office hours for  mentors.  I love to hang out there anyway, and I am randomly at Gangplank at least once a week.  Now, I’m scheduled. I start next Tuesday afternoon from 1-5.  Paul Winandy from Arizona Technology Investor Forum has already been there. I’m going to do it on Tuesday afternoons. Greg Head, another local investor/mentor, will also have office hours there. I’m excited. Am In specifically looking for investments? Not really, although when I see them I don’t turn them away:-) In my case it’s “I will know if it’s for me when I see it.” I invest from the heart and the gut, and then check my intuition with people who care about numbers.

Gangplank is handling the scheduling. Pick a 20 minute slot for these open office hours. Simply grab a slot starting on the hour, 20 minutes past, 40 minutes past etc below. You’ll first need to create a pbwiki account if you don’t already have one. Please note that all office hours slots are 20 minutes unless you’ve pre-arranged something longer. Please don’t claim longer spots.

Scheduling for Open Office Hours

Paul Winandy Hours (ATIF)
Greg Head Hours (ATIF)
Francine Hardaway (Stealthmode Partners)

Have someone else you wish had open office hours?  Suggest them to Gangplank and we will see what we can do. info@gangplankhq.com

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