Obama’s Annual Physical in Glorious Technicolor

by francine Hardaway on February 28, 2010

Obama has no privacy. He had his annual physical this morning, and we already have the results. Yes, I’m nosey, so when Mediaite sent them to me, I read them. ¬†Chalk it up to being a health care blogger:-)

Mediaite thought Obama was a cyborg because he had 20/20 vision and no surgeries at age 48. Well, so did I, and neither did I. That really doesn’t make him a cyborg. It’s actually quite common to be healthy until you are 50, but it sounds like Obama’s heading for knee surgery, because he has some patella issues and the knee is our most primitive joint. Between running and playing basketball, he will almost inevitably do in his knee. And because he’s on a special health plan, he will be able to have his knee replaced before he limps over the finish line to Medicare. Most of my friends have had to wait.
Obama has cholesterol as high as mine, and I’ve got 20 years on him. I also have higher HDLs and lower triglycerides. He needs to cut out the smoking and eat less meat. Apparently, he is trying.
He should also quit taking those NSAIDs for his knee, because they will destroy his stomach. Or at lease he has a good chance of that.
And, he had a pretty bad night last night.  How do I know that? Because he had a CT-colonography this morning and you have to clean your colon out for that, which is the worst part of the test.
It’s unbelievable that we worry about the privacy of the ordinary citizen’s health records so much and then put the President’s up on the internet almost in real time.

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