My Very First Podcast

by francine Hardaway on November 15, 2009

Inaugural Podcast by Francine Hardaway  
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Inaugural Podcast.mp3 (516 KB)

Yesterday by chance, and I do mean by chance, I wandered into a PodcampAz session called "The Audacity of Podcasting." I had no idea that Audacity was open source podcasting software, and I didn't even know you needed software for podcasting. I think that's because I long ago removed Garage Band from my MacBook Air to make room for music and photos.

Well, in the space of an hour yesterday I downloaded Audacity, then downloaded Levelator to level my voice, then downloaded Lame to make my files into MP3s.
Then I went to the Apple Store and bought an external  Snowflake microphone.

Then I took a slight detour to unbox the Magic Mouse I bought with the microphone. Getting that set up took an hour. My bad. I am used to a track pad and don't even know what a mouse should do anymore, so how could I be trusted with a Magic Mouse?

Then I opened Audacity and realized I'd forgotten most of what I'd been told yesterday.
Then I couldn't get Audacity to recognize the microphone.

It's now 3:52, and I've been working on this project for four hours. I have about 30 seconds of audio to upload, and I pray that it makes it.

It's now time for my nap, isn't it? Or wait a minute…it's time for TWIT! Let's oursource that podcasting to the experts.

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