Attitude of Gratitude

by francine Hardaway on November 24, 2009

Every year at Thanksgiving I write a post about gratitude. Not that anyone cares what I'm grateful for, because everyone has his/her own set of fortunes and problems, but I like to remember mine and hope it will compel you to recall yours — especially this year. So here it is, generated while I was doing sun salutations last night in yoga.

I'm grateful because:

I'm here now. John Hardaway and Gerry Kaplan are not, and they were two wonderful men. I am alive, functional, healthy enough to appear in a yoga class and do sun salutations.

I have children. Gratitude here goes to John for making me pregnant unintentionally, and for his courage in persuading me to carry Samantha, the child of transformation. Samantha opened my eyes to the wonder of children and families, and therefore I have Chelsea, My children have been an unalloyed blessing.

I have been married multiple times
. As a result, I have not only two daughters, but also four stepsons and a step-daughter, and twelve step-grandchildren, all of whom enlightened me before my "birth" grandchild was even born. And he's going to be one year old on Dec. 16. I have the world's best extended family. Although I only have one brother, and he and his kids live across the country, I see everybody in this extended family at least once a year no matter where they live.

I was a foster parent. This has given me four adut foster children and a new foster-ish grandchildson. To see why this is important, go see "The Blind Side" this weekend.

i love my work. Coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs is my passion, and I'm able to do it every day, for money and for love. The entrepreneurs are willing to deal with my craziness.

So there you have it. Embedded in the larger points are the ones you probably were expecting, like being able to afford to travel, being able to write, discovering technology and falling in love with it, keeping my house through the recession, holding a successful conference, and having rich and varied networks of friends throughout the world. But if you think about it, they all go under one of the others above. I was always bad at outlining, so I'll skip going into this further.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and be sure to express your gratitude, because it makes you happy!

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