Data Breach and Customer Service

by francine Hardaway on October 17, 2009

Remember the Network Solutions/TransUnion data breach earlier this year? I remember reading about it, but then I just put it out of my mind.  My data is so many places on the Internet that I try to hit identity theft from the credit bureau end of the pipeline, subscribing to both LifeLock and one of those services that tells you when something hits your credit. The one time my identity actually WAS stolen wasn't over the Internet at all; it was when one of my former foster kids forged my signature to an apartment lease as a co-signer, and then bailed on the lease.  I'm still trying to straighten that one out.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the mail today and found a package with a small Sigg bottle in it. I've used them for years, gone through several, and gave them to my kids one year for Christmas (don't worry, it wasn't their only gift). But I didn't order this bottle; it's the smaller one, and I live in the desert.

There was a letter in the bottle….yes, I know…and it was from the Sigg Corporation in Switzlerland and the General Manager of SiggUSA, apologizing for the data breach, saying they hoped TransUnion and NetworkSolutions had answered all my questions and asking me to accept this small gift for my inconvenience. It turns out NetworkSolutions and TransUnion provide the data security for, from which I had ordered a new cap for one of my bottles this past summer.

I thought this gesture was beyond the pale, although very welcome, and here I go being the satisfied customer who tells everybody about it.  If you don't already have a re-usable water bottle, or if you are looking for a nice small gift for someone, go out to Whole Foods or some of the other places that sell Sigg bottles and buy one. We need to reinforce this kind of activity if we want customer service to improve, so that the company knows the customer notices it!

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