Another Unbelievable Comcast Story

by francine Hardaway on October 4, 2009

I have a unique perspective on cable companies, because I live in two cities.  In one city, Comcast is the provider.  In the other,  it's Cox. Because I tend to live in unconventional (older) houses, I have trouble with my cable reception periodically, especially the high speed Internet.  And I run a largely home-based business out of both places. Two or three years ago, when Twitter was new, I had a life-changing experience with @comcastcares, Frank Eliason, that made it into @ShelIsreal's Twittervision book.

I tweeted that I had no high speed internet and I swore and complained.  I got a reply immediately from a total stranger (not anymore) named @comcastcares, telling me to to follow him so he could DM me his phone number.  He then proceeded to walk me through literally days of straightening the problem out, both by phone and Twitter. It changed my opinion of Comcast forever, and Comcast has correctly become the poster child for successful customer service using Twitter.

Fast forward two years. My daughter lives near me in California, and her provider is also Comcast. She had the flu this week, and her internet and phone (she has Vonage VOIP phone service) were both not working.  She was alone in the house incommunicado, because her cell phone doesn't work from her house (yes, AT&T). She texted me, and I tweeted Frank while I was getting on the plane to go see her in person. Frank, although it was Saturday, sprang (sprung?)  into action and arranged for a tech visit for today, a Sunday.  In the meantime, he tried to troubleshoot with Chelsea's boyfriend on his cell phone.

And while this was happening, several other Comcast customer service folks, @comcastmelissa and @comcastkelly, also responded.  It's unbelievable how good their customer service has become, and how much it differs from Cox.

When my Cox service didn't work, I spent an hour on telephone trees and hold to schedule a call for three days later. Luckily, it was my HDTV, which is much less important than my Internet service. But the difference was astounding. Cox just doesn't get it. Comcast does. Comcast cares.

I feel like a commercial. But it's really worth it to acknowledge good customer service because it's so demanding on the time of the people who have to do it.  This is the second Sunday Frank has spent with my family.  Now trying multiplying that out across the country.

By the way, when her mother hit town, @chelseahardaway made a miraculous recovery:-)

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Vaibhav October 5, 2009 at 9:12 pm


I have read it.

Thanks for sharing this.

Vaibhav Pandey

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