EmpowHer Launches Health Events

by francine Hardaway on September 15, 2009

There's a long story behind this launch post. I'm on the advisory board of EmpowHer.com, a women's health site founded by a friend of mine, Michelle Robson, who had an awful experience with the health care system and decided to become a patient advocate in a world-changing way.  Michelle is no ordinary woman; she's not only a businesswomen on her own, but the wife of my greatest business mentor — the person who told me in 1980 to get a Mercedes and a cell phone instead of an office. We all go back a long way, and when I heard Michelle was launching this company, I prostrated myself to become a part of it (well….I'm given to hyperbole but you know what I mean).

EmpowHer has needed very little guidance from me to become a powerhouse. It rides the wave of Health 2.0, patient empowerment, the rising tide of women in business, and the need for reform in the American health care system.
Today it launches Health Events, Michelle's dream of a clearinghouse for free patient education information. And no, it's not in Silicon Valley.

Health Events features nearly 1.7M events in all 50 states from over 560 providers including Maxim Health Systems, CVS, Walgreens, Curves, and The Red Cross, among others, offering low cost and free health events, flu shot clinics, blood drives, exercise classes, yoga, support groups and more. Michelle has personally gone out and partnered with everyone to bring this big database online. Her goal is to give women the right information about a health issue, support for their own health condition or care for their families regardless of their location, economic circumstance or health condition.

Health Events is simple to use, giving women the ability to search by city, state or zip code and / or by health topic. Users can browse listings of events by state, and can also sort their search results by date and distance from their location. Additionally, Health Events has a location auto-populate tool that will automatically drop in the user’s location based on her IP address eliminating the need for the user to re-enter her information each time she uses Health Events. Providers can learn how to publish their health events to EmpowHer.com at providers.empowher.com.

Go check it out. It's pretty awesome because of the level of content the team has assembled for the site. They go all over the country taping interviews with experts in every field that concerns women. And by the way, many on the team are men, and Michelle even hired a male CEO, Shahi Ganem, formerly of DivX. There's an equal opportunity need for good health information.

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