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by francine Hardaway on May 30, 2009

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Live blogging Matt Cutts‘ excellent presentation.

WordPress solves 90% of SEO optimization
Flash cannot be crawled–don’t use it

Cutts only uses these plug-ins:

Cookies for Comments
Enforce www. preference
WP Supercache

Google crawls roughly in decreasing order of page rank
Page Rank is named for Larry Page
Number of people who link to you and how important they are
Not just the number of links
High quality content is important
Page rank is really community
Page rank evaporates each time it goes across a link
Avoid obsessing about backlinks

keywords – think about keywords users will search for. include attributes think of all the different ways someone would describe these
Check the Google keyword tool
Tweak your URL, permalink and title to optimize search “changing” and “change”
Do the post, go to the Google keyword tool, think about words you want to rank for, and make sure those words are in your post
also use categories
keywords in URL paths: stealthmode.com/keywords
How so you get a reputation?
Be interesting
Update often
Provide a useful service
Do original research or reporting
Give great information
Find a creative niche
Video can help
Feedburner.brand.com is freeĀ  Brand your Feedburner
Update your evergreen content or write a new post
Keep your WordPress updated

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