The WallStrip Edge: Howard is Definitely Himself

by francine Hardaway on March 25, 2009

After a person with a voice like Howard Lindzon‘s is subjected to editing, you never know what will emerge. However, I’d like to congratulate the editor of The Wallstrip Edge: Using Trend to Make Money, Find Them Ride Them and Get Off, because s/he didn’t ruin Howard’s distinctive tone and perspective by making the book politically correct.

Howard is a unique, and whether you love him or hate him (I love him) you must admire his courage and the singularity of his voice. He’s also an incredibly astute observer of popular culture. And this is the reason he is able to find the trends.

Yes, he tells you how in a rational way–tips like scanning the all-time highs. But I don’t think this is an easy strategy to duplicate unless you are also an intuitive person, and in touch with what’s happening around you. Often big money guys are out of touch with what the ordinary guy is doing: not Howard. He scans the universe. And then his investment philosophy is not that different from Warren Buffet‘s, in that he buys stocks of products he uses and likes. He lives in the real world, not in the Swiss bank gated community world (well, maybe one day…)

Definitely a book worth reading. Not a Nouriel Roubini or a N.N. Taleb book, but a daily life book. And if you have followed Howard on Twitter, you have already had the appetizer. As Howard would say, I’d give my ass for the ability to communicate my personal style the way he does. He’s a putz, and a yutz, and I’m glad he’s a friend (no, I’m not objective).

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