Former Limelight CEO (and personal friend) Launches Unicorn Media

by francine Hardaway on October 13, 2008

I’ve just gone on the Advisory Board of Unicorn Media, a new breed of integrated media company. Today it launches a diversified distribution channel for a full range of video and audio content. I’ve got the press release here, and I’m going to stick pretty close to it so I can give you all the facts. I’m not used to breaking news, but I got to see this on Friday. Bill is on his fifth company, so this isn’t his first rodeo, and he has seeded this one pretty much by himself with a few of his Limelight buddies.

Plagiarizing from the release: Unicorn Media’s patent-pending, rich Internet application features work from a broad range of studios, independent musicians and film makers, including CBS Interactive, IMAX film producers, Revision3, Silverback Management and many more. Designed to showcase all content in its best possible form, and with the highest quality user experience, Unicorn Media connects artists to their target audiences directly and dynamically, ensuring that worldwide consumers have access to broadcast quality video and CD-quality audio. At the same time, an innovative revenue sharing model enables artists and their distributors to monetize their work.

“Unicorn Media was founded with the understanding that only a small fraction of professionally produced content actually ends up in commercial distribution,” said Bill Rinehart, CEO and founder of Unicorn Media. “We spoke with artists who told us that their primary concern with online distribution was that it didn’t always promote their work in a high quality format. We’re taking a different approach with Unicorn Media. We provide a diverse range of studio and independent content that connects consumers with the artists worldwide with the best possible quality. We’re revolutionizing the way content is viewed, distributed and monetized in this industry.”

In response to many of the hurdles faced by artists today, Unicorn Media has created an environment to help them thrive. With Unicorn Media, artists have the assurance that their work is being distributed in the manner in which it was meant to be viewed or listened to when it was created.

CONTROL FOR ARTISTS Artists who distribute their content through Unicorn Media are also able to retain complete control of their work. The company offers a non-exclusive media delivery platform at no cost to the artist or their studio. This ensures that artists are able to control the destiny of their content and that they can freely spread their art around the world.

REVENUE SHARE FOR ARTISTSArtists and content owners are able to monetize their work by leveraging Unicorn Media’s …(here I cut out the word unique, which I hate in press releases) revenue sharing model. As the artist’s audience and popularity grow on Unicorn Media, more revenue is generated. Revenue share is based on each content selection’s advertising value, which is determined by audience size and realizable advertising rates. Artists have the opportunity to share up to 50 percent of the revenue generated by their content as opposed to the pre-set percentages offered by other online venues.

Additionally, artists have input as to where in their work advertising is placed so that the effectiveness of their art is not compromised.

HIGH DEFINITIONThe Unicorn Media experience is different because of a core competency in scalable, high-performance, efficient application and content delivery.  Patent-pending technology ensures that content available through Unicorn Media can be shown on a high-definition screen rather than being limited to a PC. A rich Internet application provides the performance of a desktop offering without forcing consumers to download a plug-in while cloud computing allows Unicorn Media to maximize speed for the consumer. Unicorn Media’s social architecture allows users to identify friends and to share their favorite playlists, videos and songs or to connect through popular social networks.

The Unicorn Media experience is now open to both consumers and artists. Additional details are available at:

It’s beautiful on a big Vizion monitor. That last line does not come from the press release.

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