What Debate? Devil's Slide Bridge Opens

by francine Hardaway on September 27, 2008

Looking Down the Bridge to the Tunnel
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After the meltdown last week, during which I experienced my own empathetic mini-meltdown (too much TV-watching and mail-opening can always produce that in me) I decided to escape to my house in Half Moon Bay for the weekend.

I’ve handpicked a few key events to attend here while I decompress when the mini-depression caused in me by the gigantic Depression in Phoenix and the nation. One of these is Milan Scoble’s birthday party, but another was the opening of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel Bridge yesterday. These events are connected in my mind by their association with the future, a place I love to envision.

The bridge starts in Pacifica, and connects to the as-yet-unfinished tunnel that connects Pacifica to Montara through some of the prettiest parts of the Pacific Open Space Trail and replaces Devil’s Sllide, a particularly dangerous part of the Pacific Coast Highway 1. The tunnel will open in 2010 (from CalTrans’ lips to God’s ears), but we were able to walk the road leadning into it yesterday.

The views from this road are awe-inspiring, and there was never a way to see them before. We won’t be walking this bridge again, either, because it’s going to become a major road. This photo was taken with the iPhone, so you can imagine how truly beautiful the views are.

If you love big toys, large construction projects, or raw nature, you would have loved this. Of course there were a lot of speeches associated with the opening, but I bailed on those after walking the bridge and having a bottle of water and a cookie.

Way more exciting than the debate, although my pregnant daughter, another bridge to the future, cooks an incredible pineapple chicken to watch it with. It’s great to be me:-)

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