Hey Twitter what kind of flower is this?

by francine Hardaway on July 6, 2008

Hey Twitter what kind of flower is this?
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I was having lunch with five friends in Half Moon Bay on the outdoor patio at ChezShea (good organic world menu). Someone looked at the vine near our table and pointed out this beautiful flower.

No one knew what it was. After we all asked each other, I decided to ask Twitter.

Within five minutes, at least six people had identified the flower as a Passion Flower out of their own knowledge base, and one had looked it up on wikipedia and another had Googled it for me.

This is a microcosm of the kind of help Twitter offers us every day. Sure, you can ask a small question like this, but Twitter answers the big questions with just as much speed, accuracy, commitment, and intention.

No wonder we want it to work!

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