Tim Russert Knows the Outcome Now

by francine Hardaway on June 14, 2008

I was just stunned to turn on the car radio yesterday on my way home from the Apple Store and hear Tom Brokaw announcing TIm Russert’s death. On NewsGang Live, we were fond of arguing when the Democratic primary race would finally be over. I remember when Steve Gillmor said it was over on Twitter: it’s over. Russert called it.

We discussed on NewsGang Live yesterday who could replace him. Answer? He won’t be replaced, because he was the voice of the old broadcast form of media. A newer form of information gathering has already, in one sense, replaced him.

This is not a judgment, or a blaspheming of the dead. I loved Russert. I just know something new is coming. It always does. Discussing whether his “replacement” will be Andrea Mitchell or Keith Olbermann or Maria Shriver is useless and irrelevant. Nobody ever replaces anybody.20070624meetthepress

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Jack Kessler June 15, 2008 at 10:47 pm

I read somewhere that in one-third of cases, the first symptom of heart attack is death. A sobering thought.

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