Apple WWDC: Enterprise

by francine Hardaway on June 9, 2008

I’m an adult female sitting in a hotel lobby (I’m not checked into the hotel, but it has comfy chairs and a power outlet nearby) watching and listening to a combination of streams from the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, Jobs has said this is the most important WWDC in years, and most of my buds are waiting to hear if there’s TV, or 3g.

But the huge takeaway for me from the Apple WWDC this time is something most people won’t even notice: the launch of two medical apps for iPhone 2.0. This is a big deal, because one of them is for learning the parts of the body, which tells me that medical education is about to go portable, and the other is for viewing imaging. If you have ever been married to a radiologist (and I have) you will understand that this is almost beyond comprehension. My husband has been gone ten years, saw the beginning of digital imaging before he died, and predicted it would never be good enough to use for diagnoses. And now you will be able to diagnose from the iPhone. No more waiting for the doctor to come in and read your mammogram at the end of the day, and no more doctors who have to read 200 mammograms in a row before leaving the office for dinner.

So health care is not going have an excuse to put off changing its work flow.

And for Apple, this is a big step into the enterprise, into a space no one else really ons yet. And it is playing on the same strengths that made it popular with designers, filmmakers and photographers in the first place.

Yes, there’s the AP. And there’s Loopd. And MLB. And games. We expected those. And Typepad, which needed to do something to catch back up to WordPress.

And as an afterthought to me, because all my productivity apps are already on the web, there’s support for Exchange server and all the crap the enterprise is still stuck wih.

Update: Now I take the Web Only Vow: I LOVE Mobile me! I work mostly with GoogleApps now, but this increases my ability to go back and forth from Phoenix to HMB without dragging data with me.

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