Social Media: With a Little Help from my Friends

by francine Hardaway on February 13, 2008

So I’m leading the Social Media Club Phoenix meeting tonight, and we are planning to discuss how you monetize social media. Chris Pirillo is our guest speaker, and he’s at home in Seattle. Thirty eager people are in the room, and we are trying to establish the connection to Chris’ live stream on Ustream.TV

All of a sudden, as we are futzing with frozen video screens and audio that comes on and off, I see a bald head, and I recognize it as @RocmanUSA, Scoble’s editor Rocky Barbanica. Then I realize that I’ve read in Scoble’s blog that he and Rocky are in Seattle today.

Moments later, a wide back floats across the screen, and it’s the Scobleizer himself, taking video on his Nokia 95 of Chris talking to our class. Of course he has forgotten that he has stepped between the camera, Chris and us. He’s doing HIS OWN LIVE STREAM on (you see it above). It’s the social media hall of mirrors at its finest.

For those of us in Phoenix, this is a life-changing experience. Suddenly we realize we don’t own enough gadgets, and we are hopelessly adrift in the sea of web tools.

What fun! Thanks, Chris, for being part of Social Media Club Phoenix, and thanks Rocky and Scoble for just showing up. Woody Allen says that’s 95% of life.

Love you guys!

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