Knightsbridge Capital

by francine Hardaway on February 29, 2008

Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul, is speaking at the Knightsbridge Capital Conference. The gentleman on my left, a major partner in the fund, does not believe Wilson that 9 billion videos are watched per day on the Internet.

He also doesn’t see how this company will make money. I think it will. Right now, TubeMogul upsells a toolset, with more information about the audience, for agencies and commercial purpose. But they don’t really think that’s the business. They want to own the distribution channel for high quality video and be the way to put ads into video. They will use their data to monetize video.

Lifelock presents next. It’s a much larger company. It is also a Phoenix company, the founders of which were originally involved with Touchscape — one of the disasters of the first dot com revolution. Bessemer is invested in Lifelock, which you probably already know as the company whose owner gives out his social security number on TV. Lifelock wants to be deemed the industry leader in prevention of identity theft. Business has grown 50% in the last 60 days. They are running TV in which the founder gives out his social security number.

Lifelock is proactive, rather than reactive. Most services happen after you are a victim. This business is growing very quickly because it is proactive. But their real vulnerability is security, and they are more buttoned up than any financial institution.

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