Crunchies 2008

by francine Hardaway on January 20, 2008

My Stealthmode partner and I journeyed to the Bay Area this weekend especially for the Crunchies. We had been to a bunch of Tech Crunch parties before, and always enjoyed them, so we flew up to my house in Half Moon Bay.

But we left at half way through. That says it all.

It takes SO much effort to
put on an event, that I wish these guys hadn’t tried.  There was Om Malik, fresh from his heart attack, performing on stage. There was Richard McManus from ReadWriteWeb
, who flew from New Zealand. And of course Mike Arrington, a brilliant guy and a wonderful writer who is NOT comfortable on stage.  Ever.

And the companies?  They had to take time out of their startupping on a Friday night to clean up and come to the City to sit in a theatre. There were 900 of us there, no one really wanting to be in "nice business casual."

To their credit, the organizers made the event go quickly. But after I saw Twitter, one of my personal favorites, win a prize, and after I saw Fake Steve Jobs accept the prize for the iPhone, the only thing worth staying for was the Richter Scales in their live performance of the Bubble Song.

Fortunately, the appetizers at nearby Jardiniere were wonderful, and even better was Saturday, when the tide was at a record low at Mavericks and we were able to walk all the way out to the rocks on which surfers kill themselves.

You can see my crummy photos of this event, and some beauties of the low tide near Half Moon Bay at my Flicker stream.

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