Britney and Sy Hersh

by francine Hardaway on October 1, 2007

Today’s news. Enough to put fear into the boldest of men (and women).

We are getting ready to go to war with Iran, according to Sy Hersh, who may be believed because he’s a Pulitzer winner who has been studying the administration’s antics on this issue intently for a year. According to Hersh, the Bush administration has come to believe that Iran is supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgents, and that most of our problems in Iraq originate in Teheran.

The article also says this will be easier to sell to the American people than the argument about Iran’s nuclear aspirations, which didn’t go over well. Americans wouldn’t support a war over something they can’t prove anymore, because we already did that once with Saddam Hussein’s supposed weapons of mass destruction.

Mica Brzezinski’s father says that Iran will retaliate, which is what the Bushies want, and that will involve us in a regional war that will last twenty years. I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC since Imus got fired, and I really like Mica. Her father was a former national security advisor with a lifetime of foreign policy experience.

So go long defense stocks, guys, and short municipal bonds, health care and education. We will be making weapons and gear and airplanes for a while. We won’t be making better health care, better education, or better infrastructure.

And as if this weren’t bad enough, Kevin Federline has been granted custody of his and Britney’s kids. TMZ says so, and they always know.

As a former foster parent, I don’t know what the judge should have done. If Federline is a better parent, it’s only by the slimmest of hairs, but taking the kids away and making them wards of the state doesn’t work either. It looks as if none of the grandparents are equal to the task, either. How is this different from all the ghetto kids I have seen over the past fifteen years whose parents are addicted to drugs? It isn’t. All the money in the world can’t shield those kids from these events in their early childhood. Parts of their brain that should be developing might never develop. In later life they will have trouble with neo-cortex functions like love, trust, and planning for the future.

News like this on both the domestic (bad pun) and international fronts is why I fear for the country’s future.

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Mo Kakwan October 3, 2007 at 5:36 pm

The inevitable Iran war is so freaky, but Mahmoud boy didn’t help the situation by coming here and pulling slick lines like “Iran has no gays!” Yikes.

And as for Britney. I feel so sad for her. Her performance at the VMAs was atrocious. I think someone is seriously orchestrating her downfall because no one can be so oblivious to so much harm they are doing to themselves.. And her kids! Geeze o peets.

btw, Thankyou so much for the nice comment you left on Chris Pirillo’s blog. That really made my day. :)

francine October 5, 2007 at 6:32 am

Mo, I wasn’t kidding. I’ll say it again. You were the best tech presenter I have ever seen (and I not only go to conferences, but give them! Also Blabberize is one of the greatest “tech toys” out there. Can’t believe it won’t be a big success.

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