Was Gnomedex Worth it?

by francine Hardaway on August 11, 2007

In the words of one of the speakers, it’s time for “community currency.” That’s what Gnomedex generates –community currency. Paying government-issue money for what you get at Gnomedex is like paying for friendship with drink tickets. They aren’t the same, although they may seem related at the time.

My takeaway: I don’t really care WHAT it cost to go to Gnomedex. I learned a lot, I met some interesting mammals, including Ronni Bennett, who is refining my theories about aging, the venerable Dave Winer, and a bunch of sea otters who live in the Seattle Aquarium and flip over on their backs for a feeding at 8:15 PM.

Oh, and I got to witness the Scobles man-shower.

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