Live Blogging from the Arizona Angels

by francine Hardaway on May 17, 2007

Here I am in a room of accredited investors getting ready for two presentations by a custom programming company called Tiempe and an instantaneous microbial detection company. Most of the people in the room are recycled real estate investors or retired executives. There are about two dozen of us, and I know most of them.

One good thing: the group is getting bigger since the last time I attended a meeting. And the same companies seem to be presenting to both the Desert Angels and Arizona Angels, which increases the possibility of funding.

One bad thing: the companies being funded are pretty far along. They are not really first round. One of them has already raised one round of VC money and is looking for angel money to fill out the second round of VC. Makes it safer for the investors, but makes it harder for the startups. Wish we had more angels, or the companies came in when they needed less money, so the Arizona Angels could do more deals.

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