What Entrepreneurs Really Do

by francine Hardaway on March 7, 2007


This morning I visited a company now called Hammer Industries — soon to receive a more exciting name, I hope. The entrepreneur, Hans Eberl, launched the business five months ago with a business plan he spent six months preparing with a partner.

On day two, his projections were blown away — by a flood of business he could hardly handle, and that he didn’t expect.

Hammer industries is a Debris Recovery Processing site. It’s a new kind of green business that accepts construction materials such as metals and wood from demolished buildings, sorts them, and prepares them to be recycled or reprocessed. His business the first step by which plastic can become carpet, or 2x4s can become particle board.

He can’t expand fast enough, and his business plan no longer applies.

Yes, we’re helping him prepare a new plan, so he can get additional financing for additional equipment. Because he’s also a visionary about the demolition industry (training as an architect, experience at GE, etc) we are also going to help him set up alliances with colleges and universities so students in sustainable planet programs can learn how recycling and reprocessing–on a global scale –really work.

No web site yet, but stay tuned.

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