Entrepreneurship USA

by francine Hardaway on February 23, 2007

This is the beginning of Entrepreneurship USA, a weeklong national partnership of over 700 organizations to turn the spotlight on entrepreneurship. At the other end of this week will be our conference on Social Media in Marketing for entrepreneurs.

But I’m really interested today in the whole subject of entrepreneurship, and why it’s important. Once again: America wasn’t made by large corporations. And neither will Iraq be, no matter how it comes out. Iraq, if it survives, will be rebuilt by its entrepreneurs, whether secular or religious. Every country succeeds in proportion to the opportunities for entrepreneurship.

That’s why I participate in all these activities and spend my time imparting knowledge about how to start and grow businesses. It’s not really because entrepreneurship is glamorous and makes you rich; very few entrepreneurs get rich. Rather, it’s because entrepreneurship, throughout history and throughout the world, has been the recipe for survival and sustainability.

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